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Tori Black - Creator of Back Door Sex Secrets
Tori Black: 2010 AVN Female Performer Of The Year,
& Co-creator of 2 Girls Teach Sex

From: Tori Black, 2010 AVN Female Performer Of The Year,
& Co-creator of 2 Girls Teach Sex

Dear Friend,

Have you ever had that "crazy" fantasy you wanted to try out with your girl... but you were worried that if you said something about it she'd shoot you down... or even think you were weird for asking?

Or maybe you ALREADY asked her... and it didn't go so well?

If so you're not alone. All guys have new things they want to try out in the bedroom... but perhaps the most HOT and NAUGHTY is getting your girl to take it from behind!

But unfortunately, out of the guys who WANT to try this out, most NEVER actually get to do it.

In fact... most guys never even ASK! But why?

A Secret About Women You
Aren't Supposed To Know...

If you're interested in trying out "backdoor sex" with your woman... or any other wild fantasy... I'd like to share with you a secret that will help you out

It's a secret women usually keep to themselves... and something most guys will never find out.

In fact, if you were to ask a woman point blank if this secret were true, most would straight out DENY IT!

It's also a secret many guys won't believe... because it contradicts a lot of things you may have been taught about women throughout the years.

But as a woman, I can assure you that it is absolutely true!

What I'm talking about is the fact that....

Your Woman Wants To
Be As Wild... If Not WILDER...
In The Bedroom Than You Do!

Sounds crazy... right?

Aren't women supposed to be reserved and shy?

Well sure, that's how we girls are TAUGHT to act. But that doesn't change the fact that deep down inside... underneath the part of us that everyone else gets to see... is a naughty little sex kitten just waiting to be unleashed!

I GUARANTEE our fantasies are just as wild, if not WILDER than some of yours!

And here's another secret about us girls you might not know...

We think about sex ALL THE TIME!

Why do you think the tv show Sex In The City was so popular? If you've ever watched the show, then you know every episode is based around a different aspect of SEX! (If you haven't, check it out. You'll learn a whole lot about women!)

And check out the cover of Cosmo next time you're in a grocery store. No wait, grab a Maxim first, then compare the two.

I GUARANTEE the Cosmo mag has more sex articles inside!

But despite all this, most guys treat us like princesses in the bedroom, and are afraid to ask us to try out "taboo" things like backdoor sex. (That, or they ask us in a way that totally turns us off.)

Well I'm here to tell you that we do want to be treated like a princess in the bedroom... but there is one condition...

We Want To Be Treated Like
Your Naughty Little Princess!

Yes, you read that right. We want to be treated like your naughty little girl that you RESPECT... but also aren't afraid to teach new fun things that expand BOTH of our sexual horizons.

And YES... that includes "backdoor" sex =)

How To "Unlock"
The Secret Wild Side
Of YOUR Woman!

I'll be straight up with you: When most guys ask their girl to try anal, they do it a way that almost guarantees she says NO!

This can be a very sensitive subject for a woman. There is a chance she has tried it in the past with someone who DIDN'T know what they were doing, and if so she probably hated it. There are also those girls that feel it's demeaning or just "dirty" and are grossed out by it. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Here are the 3 biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to getting their woman to try anal sex (or any wild fantasy for that matter!). If you make even one of these 3 mistakes with your girl you can just about forget about having any backdoor fun:

1.) Guys Who Are Afraid to Ask

If a guy never brings up the idea of doing something wild, we certainly won't!

One of our biggest fears is for us to tell you about a fantasy of ours and have you not be into it. We're afraid that you would judge us, or think we were "slutty", so we just won't bring it up.

So... if you don't ask your woman to do try wild in the bedroom, don't expect it to happen on it's own! Even if we've always secretly fantasized about taking it from behind! (You'd be AMAZED at just how many women do!)

2.) Guys Who Make Her Worried It Will Turn Out Badly

Another one of a woman's fears in trying backdoor sex is that it will turn out badly.

She's afraid it might hurt, or worse, get messy. Then she'll get SUPER embarrased... and feel like SHE did something wrong.

Again, I don't need to tell you that women are very sensitive, and take mistakes in the bedroom very personally.

For example, this is why we girls get "freaked out" if a guy can't get it up.

We think it's because we're not pretty enough, or doing something wrong.

The same holds true with trying new, "taboo" activities. ESPECIALLY ANAL.

If I guy says to us, "Let's try anal"... we immediately start thinking of all of the things that could go WRONG... and it makes us really likely to say NO.

On the other hand, if the guy seems confident in himself and seems to know exactly how to make the experience go well, we are MUCH more likely to say Yes!

While we don't necessarily want to be "just another girl" to act out a fantasy with you, we certainly don't want to feel like your guinea pig while you stumble around... so it's important when approaching a girl with something you want to try that you at least have RESEARCHED it and know how to make the experience go well if you want us to feel comfortable to "let loose" with you!

2.) Guys Who Ask In The WRONG WAY

Ok, so you gathered up the balls to ask your girl to try taking it in her naughty place... but that's only half the battle.

Unfortunately for you fellas, we ladies have been brought up to be just that - ladies.

You may have heard the phrase, "A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!" Well, we like this phrase too!

But unless you know how to bring up and "sell" us on the freaky stuff in a way that makes us comfortable and EXCITED about trying it out, we ARE gonna turn it down.

It's just the way it is.

If a guy askes us to do something wild in bed, and he askes in the WRONG WAY... we will say NO... even if it's something we WANT to do!

Just because we have a wild side, doesn't mean we aren't sensitive creatures.

Just as you need to say and do the right things to get a woman attracted to you in the first place, you need to know exactly what to say and do in the bedroom if you want to get her to act out your wild fantasies and explore the naughty side of her sexuality.

But fortunately there is now an easy way to learn...

The Secrets Of Getting Your Girl
EXCITED To Try Anal...
Revealed For The First Time!

Ever since my first 2 Girls Teach Sex program came out, I've been receiving a ton of letters from guys asking... "How do I get my girl to try out anal sex?"

So... I got together with a few of my hottest girlfriends, and created a brand new program that shows you EXACTLY what to say and do to get your girl to not only TRY backdoor sex... but actually get EXCITED and TURNED ON by the idea of exploring this naughty taboo with you!

Rear Entry Made Easy

Backdoor Sex Secrets comes on 2 exciting DVDs

In Backdoor Sex Secrets, you'll get the specific lines and techniques to bring the topic up in a smooth, casual way, and break down any resistance she might have to the idea. (Hint: There is one sentence you should say to her before you bring it up... and you better know what it is!)

You'll THEN learn exactly what to say to get her turned on and curious about exploring this new erotic fantasy... even if she's turned you down in the past!

Once you discover the secrets inside this program you'll be getting your girl to not only have anal sex... but love it, crave it, and submit to you in naughty ways you've never imagined. This could be just the beginning...

Here I am getting ready to demonstrate the
proper technique for anal penetration

This program wouldn't be complete without showing you ALL of the newest, sizzling hot techniques for backdoor sex as well...

You'll discover everything from how to prep her for entry, what to say and do the first time to make sure her first time is ENJOYABLE (this is CRUCIAL if you ever want her to do it again!)... all of the wildest positions... and of course how to make her cum like crazy while you're doing it!

Oh, and by the way... did you know that - when performed correctly - your girl can have more powerful, deeper orgasms from anal sex than she could ever have from regular penetration alone? In this program you'll learn the specific position to give her these orgasms... and a whole lot more...

Also discover:

check The exact words to say to bring up backdoor entry, get her curious about it, then get her EXCITED to give it a try! (This proven method is sure to get her interested, even if she's never done it before... and even if she's said no to you in the past!)

check How to use the taboo and "naughtyness" of anal sex to your ADVANTAGE and get her into the "bad girl" mindset

check How to take away her fear of it hurting... plus the exact sequence of foreplay that makes it feel GOOD to her the very first time you put it in

check The 100% foolproof way to ensure NO MESS (She will be concerned about this so it's very important!)

check The secret of anal orgasms... once you give your girl one of these she'll not only be addicted to anal... but try ANYTHING you want in bed!

check The best positions for anal sex orgasms (Watch 2 of our hot female coaches demonstrate with full penetration)

check Explicit demos of anal sex toys, the best lubes to use, and much much more!


How to use anal toys to not only bring her to anal orgasms but to MULTIPLE anal orgasms (this is only possible when Tori shows you exactly HOW to use them)

check Why this common lubricant (sold in every pharmacy) actually causes a SEVERE burning sensation and the 1 lube you should use instead

check How long she wants anal sex for (its VERY different amount of time than vaginal intercourse and will COMPLETELY surprise you)
check The best way to "finish" anal sex

check 1 small trick to add to anal sex that takes the MENTAL stimulation to the next level (remember women thrive on MENTAL stimulation in ADDITION to physical...this can lead to some SCREAMING orgasms)

check 5 best anal toys reviewed (and the winner is only $10!)

check The 3 best positions for anal (2 of these positions are to make her orgasm and 1 that drives guys wild)

The HOTTEST Girls Ever Caught On Camera...
Sharing ALL Of Their Naughtiest Secrets!

Like all of our 2 Girls Teach Sex DVDs, in these Backdoor Sex Secrets you'll learn the secrets to unlocking your woman's wild side from those who know it best - stunningly beautiful bi-sexual women. Including me, Tori Black =)


Every technique is demonstrated in full, explicit detail... with nothing left to the imagination. You'll finish these programs knowing everything there is to know about this taboo subject and a whole lot more!

For Adventurous Lovers Only!

I have to warn you that the information inside Backdoor Sex Secrets is NOT for everybody. If you're not interested in seeing explicit demonstrations of backdoor sex techniques please stop reading now.

On the other hand, If you're serious about actually having the types of wild adventures in the bedroom that most men will only fantasize about... then you are in the right place!

You Can't Find These Secrets
In Any Other Program, Any Book,
Any Magazine, Or Anywhere Else!

I want to make one thing clear: Backdoor Sex Secrets is not some lame "couples" video with outdated info from the 80's and a bunch of fluff techniques that don't work. It is 100% jam-packed with the REAL secrets of getting your girl EXCITED to try anal sex, EXACTLY how to do it, and how to give your girl powerful, MIND-BLOWING ORGASMS doing it!

You won't find the techniques in this DVD set anywhere else on the planet. Only the elite group of men who choose to invest in this program will learn this information, and I want YOU to be one of them.

No"Suave" Dialog

No special skills are required to get your girl excited to explore the world of anal sex. Simply say what my girls and I tell you to say, and her curiosity will be peaked, and her mind filled with naughty thoughts of getting it from behind almost immediately. Trust me =)

It is actually EASY to learn, and you'll know EXACTLY what to say and do after going through the program just once!

Here's What You're Going To Get...

Backdoor Sex Secrets

Backdoor Sex Secrets includes 2 exciting DVDs

A Special Introductory Offer
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When I release Backdoor Sex Secrets "to the public", it's going to sell for $199.95. But as one of my preferred members, you can take advantage of this limited time introductory offer and get Backdoor Sex Secrets for just $77.00! You save over 50%!

That's right, act now and pay
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Take My
"Fantasy Or Free!" Challenge!

Because I want to make this investment a total "no-brainer" for you, with Backdoor Sex Secrets I make you 3 exciting guarantees

Guarantee #1: If after watching these DVDs and using the secrets inside you are unable to get your girl to not only TRY anal sex... but to get EXCITED about trying it... simply return the DVDs within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund!

Guarantee #2: If after watching these DVDs and getting your girl to give it a go, your girl doesn't ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and beg for more... simply send them back within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund!

Guarantee #3: If after watching these DVDs, you are unable to use the techniques inside to get your girl to try out your OTHER naughty fantasies, simply send them back within 30 days for a full, no-questions-asked refund!

I don't think it could possibly get any more "no-brainer" than that!

Click this link to try out
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Your Privacy Is
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Your transaction is secure—using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as 'ISN Education' with our toll-free U.S. phone number included.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll receive your package in just a few business days - everything discreetly packed and shipped in PLAIN PACKAGING for your privacy (the address label will say, "ISN Education" as well). Even the DVDs themselves simply say "2GTS" on the front so no one can tell what's inside.

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Get The Secrets To Having
Exciting Backdoor Sex Now!

I think by now it's easy to see just how exciting your sex life is going to get when your girl is begging you to give it to her in her naughty place on a regular basis =)

But what you might NOT realize is just how much fun this is going to be for HER as well!

As a woman, I can tell you that when we are with a guy who can make us feel comfortable about exploring our naughty side in the bedroom, we start to open up, and are willing to explore a WHOLE lot more.

We also start becoming MUCH more interested in having sex with that person... because it's so exciting to see what kind of naughty things he'll teach us next =)

But don't take my word for it. Get this program out there and see it for yourself.

Click on the link below, and get Backdoor Sex Secrets today. You AND your girl will be very glad you did!


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Tori Black

P.S. In Backdoor Sex Secrets, you'll discover the specific things to say to your girl to peak her curiosity about anal sex... and become EXCITED about giving it a try with you... even if she's turned you down before, and even if she's tried it in the past and NOT liked it. You'll also learn the exact techniques for making the first time go smoothly, giving her an INTENSELY pleasurable experience, and giving her pulsatingly powerful anal orgasms! As adult film stars I think it's safe to say my girls and I know more about backdoor sex than anyone in the WORLD, which is why we're so confident these secrets will work for you. Backdoor Sex Secrets comes with a full, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, so click on the link and order now, you have nothing to lose but your girl's anal virginity! Hehe =)

P.P.S. If you have any questions, just send an email to support@2girlsteachsex.com and I'll write you back fast!

P.P.P.S. DVDs feature explicit, hardcore demonstrations of real anal sex techniques, acted out by beautiful bi-sexual women. Must be 18 or older to order.

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