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Q. Why are there 2 Girls as teachers?

Bisexual women have an UNFAIR advantage over men when it comes to giving female pleasure.

For a bisexual woman she KNOWS how she wants to be touched and how
other women women do too.

BUT, she also knows what men are capable of
and what the best techniques a man can do to please a woman.

Q. Who are the 2 Girls?

There are often different female coaches so that you can have a VARIETY of new
techniques and tricks.

Main coaches include Shawna, Jessica, Hunter, Krissy, and Brynn. There are constantly new coaches being added depending on what their areas of expertise are.

Many of the girls are FAMOUS adult SUPERSTARS chosen because of their extensive on and off screen sexual experience and skills.

Q. Is the 2 Girl's Teach Sex Program pornography?

2 Girls Teach Sex Program contain full nudity and feature fully explicit demonstrations of advanced sexual techniques. These demonstrations feature voiceovers, diagrams, and split screen close-ups so that you can benefit completely from each technique.

If you choose you may watch the entire Program WITHOUT instructions, diagrams, or coaching. Simply click Watch Demonstrations w/o instructions if you so choose.

Q Are there men 2 Girls Teach Sex?

There is a male host who brings a male perspective to the techniques. He (Bobby Bradshaw) will assist in topics that only a man can answer. (For example: How To Last Longer in Bed)

Q. What if I don't like the Program?

You have 60 days full money back guarantee protecting you. People love 2 Girls Teach Sex and we want to make sure its RISK FREE for you to try.

Q. Can I watch this with my wife or girlfriend?

Yes and No. Your wife or girlfriend will LIKE the topics covered in the program. However think about it like this. If you wanted to your girl to be sexy would you want to have to tell her every step of the way how to do it? No, you want her to start dressing sexy, acting sexy, and BEING sexy. It is no different for a woman, she wants you to KNOW this stuff. It's up to you if you watch it with her but the easiest way to watch it is by cracking open a beer and plopping down on the sofa alone. If you do want to watch it with your girl you can.

Q. What if I want more information? Is there someone I can talk to or make my order on the phone?

Yes. Simply call us and you will reach an customer service representative of 2 Girls Teach Sex.

Depending on the time you call, you may reach someone AT the 2 Girls Teach Sex office or one of our full time agents. All phone representatives are friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about 2 Girls Teach Sex Products.

Q. I'm single should I check out the Program?

Yes! Sexual skills is one of the most important skills in the beginning of the relationship. Check them out for sure.

Also we have dating products under our Zero Rejection Dating brand line. Feel free to check those out.

Q. How is my credit card charged?

Your state will apear as ISN Education, LLC


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